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Hit my halfway point according to @JennyCraig #diabeteslinkup #t2doc
Interview about Dulce and me on Diabetes Mine #t2doc #diabeteslinkup

Why Jenny Craig? #diabeteslinkup #t2doc

First, the lap band was successful.  I took off 60 pounds with it. 

+However, it takes more than that.  If you look at the literature, I’m typical.  I needed more.

A program where you have a certain number of calories or points has never worked for me.  I run out of them.  (Weight Watchers).

A program that is punitive doesn’t either – I tired Slim4Life, and man, it might work for some people but not me.  Every thing was a formula or magic.

What I needed is what I get from Jenny Craig. 

  • A list of things to eat.  Do I always eat that food and only that food, no.  But it’s a starting point.
  • Positive support – no matter what I weight, my consultant is support about it.
  • Someone I can talk to about it.  Though I have other people.

First I had done Jenny Craig years ago, but when I tried to restart, my primary care physician insisted I go for the band.  There are a lot of days its made me unhappy, but it does have an impact on binge eating.

And on the goal.

My consultant wanted me to have an attainable goal, so she insisted on going with about 60 pounds.  Basically it was something I could do in less than a year if you figure on losing 1 1/2 pounds a week (basically 10% of a healthy persons weight).  I get my money back if I hit that goal and maintain it.  Though I think the 10% on the food covers the enrollment fee.

And here’s the smart way to do the food.  Always buy 1 week at a time (you don’t get the discount otherwise).  Keep your extra food on one shelve and the food for the menu you are on another shelf.  When you have 7 extra snacks, 7 extra breakfasts, and 14 extra meals, don’t buy food that week.  I like to have a day or so cushion myself, so that’s an estimate.  Also the travel meal DOES count as a full week, but not all consultants know that.  Mine had to call in and ask.

Also keep easy to eat foods on hand.  I keep a couple of salad kits in the car, in case I want to stay on plan when I’m out and about.  I also do the same with the breakfast bars.  In fact, buy a few one the week you are buying a few menu so you get the discount.