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Retail shopping shaming -- what it does to customers

I just read an online article about how a woman was body shamed while shopping at Lululemom.

I've had retail sales people be rude to me, and I can tell you from experience, getting the apology doesn't get me back in the store.   There is an Avenue near me that I haven't shopped at since one of the employees accused me of having a fake service dog.  I rarely even go into any of their stores now, even though I don't use the service dog. 

On the other hand, I've always been treated graciously at Nordstrom, with or without dog.  Their small touches, such as giving gift cards, merchandise and their generous return policy get me going back.

I will say that getting a substantial gift card has gotten me back into stores, but only if the employees are gracious.  Retail needs to treat all customers with open arms.