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Periodontal Surgery

I have been barely escaping periodontal problems most of my adult life.   I was sent to a periodontist when I first moved to Dallas.   I have even had some medication injected into my gums.

Also gum (periodontal) disease is a common complication of diabetes.

A few years ago, I had to have a tooth extracted and ended up going to Baylor Dental School for it.  The experience was pretty good as dental issues goes, so I signed up to be a patient for students.  I don't think it is cheaper than private dentistry but I trust them more.

The good and bad thing -- at least one professor is going to be in your mouth, in my case, generally 2 or 3 each visit.

My dental student has not been able to clear up my gum problems so I was sent to the grad school and have been working with a great graduate student.  She did a really deep cleaning, but I was still left with two pockets.  She wanted to repair them but agreed to wait and see.  I was actually scheduled for surgery in December, but ended up with a root canal and a crown removal instead.

The crown removal was the worst -- my student couldn't get a temporary crown to stay so I was referred to periodontal for a crown lengthening.  That was scheduled for yesterday.

The best news is that the pockets have healed and we're still watching them.  I did have the crown lengthening on the right side.  The 4th year wanted the left side done too, but there is no way I could have tolerated having both sides done, so we have the second crown lengthening schedule for March.

I still think we can skip that.

The crown lengthening itself was a bit scary but not as scary as the pocket repair is to me.  I left with a sore jaw and after care directions.  Basically soft food and nothing hot for 24 hours.  I've managed to do that.  The good news is that I'm not sensitive to cold, so last night was ice cream and room temperature tomato soup.  Yogurt before I went to bed.

The absolute worse part -- being "benched" from all activity.