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I have a new diabetes doctor–Diabetes Center of America #DiabetesLinkUp #t2DOC

My current endocrinologist  is closing his practice tomorrow.  He gave me too suggestions, but I wasn’t real happy with either of them.  A very early Facebook friend mentioned on Facebook that she was getting a new pump (the same one I have), through Diabetes Center of America, but she goes to their Plano location.

It’s super easy to get to, and at least three alternate routes if they decide to kill a highway or road between here and there.

Now, the front office experience as a new patient was horrible today.  They were training a new employee from another center, and apparently the guy who is currently running the front office doesn’t usually do that.  They made me stand waiting for ever, especially for someone who can’t do that well.  They never indicated I should sit or took my name.

My appointment was at 10:30, I got there at 10:00 and didn’t see a care provider until 11:30, when I finally asked if I could pee.  The guy at least knew they would need a blood sample. They seem to milk out every lab charge known to man, including a glucose test, using a meter than uses the same test strips mine does.

I refused most of the tests, as I had recently had them done and I knew that the dental surgery on Monday would scew the results.

I saw the nurse assistant first, and my needing to use the restroom interrupted her normal procedures, but she did manage to get everything they wanted: blood pressure (high but same high as before the surgery Monday), weight, blood glucose, pulse rate etc.

The diabetes educator was pretty cool.  When I told her I was doing Jenny Craig, she told me she was doing weight watchers.  She asked about the meal plan, carb/protein ratios, and I had to go out to the Jenny Craig weight site to tell her.  I got mildly scolded for not changing infusion sets enough and she should me where that was affecting my blood sugar.  Something I told her I was working on.  She also made some suggestions of points I should look out for after I recover from my procedure and how to change them.  She liked my method of changing thing == I plug my numbers into a diabetes calculator app, but only change .5 values at a time.

I like the doctor, but he’s the same age as the doctor I just lost, so I’m sure I won’t be with him for 10 years.  Though in this case, I doubt they will shut down the practice, probably just hire a different doctor.

I did have them update one prescription – Enlight Sensors.  I’ve got six of them right now, and don’t want to order them too soon, they have an extremely short expiration date.  All the other scripts should be good. And I shouldn’t need a new script for the Enlight but you can’t argue with Express Scripts.

Express Scripts is currently processing the order according to the web site.

All in all, a stressful but productive day.