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Haven't been using my service dog

Oddly enough people do recognize me without her, and it still generates conversations.

But at least they are people who have at least a nodding acquaintance with me and not total strangers.

I started using Dulce because I couldn't control my blood sugar, it was affecting my health and it was driving her crazy.  Training her and listening to her made her a better dog.  I stopped using her for a while because I was working as a contractor and just couldn't wrap my head around making it work.  I did use her at home and for some outings.

Back in the spring when we went to Alaska I had a nasty low with no warning and ended up eating every bit of sugar I had on me and begging people on the tour bus for more.

However, with the new A1C of 6.4, and the new pump and CGMS sensor that actually work, Dulce is not working.  I even left her home all weekend while Summer and I went out of town.  Yes, we were only 1 and 1/2 hours a way, and I could have come home and got her, but I foresee doing this in the future.

She is a lot happier and relaxed with my good A1C.  I think I'm moving around better.  I actually set up jumps at agility yesterday, something I rarely have the energy to do.  I have other people say I move better too. 

But ethically, I believe its wrong to use a service dog if you don't need one.  Yes, sometimes it would make my life a bit easier if I used her -- it would have been nice to go into Fry's yesterday after agility but it wasn't necessary.