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Doctor leaving private practice–may have screwed up

Though I still think I made the right decisions.  My pump warranty expired in November, and at the visit before that, I learned my endo was leaving private practice for the VA.

I wanted his support through the pump change, which I had.  And he did renew MOST of my prescriptions in December, but missed one.  That’s when I realized I may have waiting too long.  Last week I got emails from my pharmacy saying they couldn’t get a script signed off.  I had to call the office and be on hold for awhile before I got through.

Then last Wednesday when I got labs had to wait outside while the office got him to sign off on the labs.  And while they took lots of bodily fluids, only my A1C came back.

While I had made the decision to switch and who to switch to, I hadn’t pulled the trigger yet.  So as soon as I said good bye to Doctor Milburn and got in the car, I called Diabetes Center of America.  I was halfway home when I found out that I needed to fill out a paper form so the medical records would get transferred, so I had to turn around and go back.

But I do have an appointment next week, and I won’t have to go in Fasting.