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Going to #diabeteslinkup

I was pretty sure I could share but I am going to Diabetes Linkup on AstraZeneca's dime. 

They have us completely booked, flying in Thursday afternoon, dinner and then all day Friday.  Back home that evening.

Slightly disappointing since I would have liked to have lunch with my bosses but I will get there someday. 


I am am looking forward to the event and getting back to active blogging.





I keep tweaking my overnight traveling post.  I won't start the almost 2 week traveling checklist until I get back.

I did contact American Airlines and made sure that they knew about the dog and that they had me marked down to use the mobility assistance.  Every time I use it I don't feel like I need it but then when I don't, I have issues.

Like our last cruise, I decided I could walk off the boat, and then there was a two hour wait for the bus.  Not exaggerating.

And especially after I fussed at a friend for not using it.

Shocked after endo visit

My endo is leaving private practice and going to work at the Dallas VA.  I am shocked but glad they are getting such a good doctor.  He gave me two names.   I get to see him one more time.

At the same time, my pump warranty is up in a few weeks, while I am traveling. I reached out to the local rep and not only did he reassure me, but he helped me decide which of the two endos to pick. He knew one, she is closer to my house, and didn't know the other.  

I will be getting the new Medtronic pump and I am really looking forward to it.

Still feeling very sad and scared about the endo. He also made the second issue leave my brain.  

Traveling overnight- What Would @shanselman do?

I’m finally starting to do some traveling – one of my goals for retirement. My husband’s head injury almost two years ago got in the way. Along with a few other stressors. Though we have gone on two cruises and I’ve visited my family some since his head injury so I have done some.

First the second cruise taught me that I am very much dependent on the service dog.  And I have started to train the second.

So the first trip is an overnighter next week, and for a diabetes function.  I’m sure I’m supposed to disclose this but I don’t know how much yet.

Also an agility friend told me that I needed to start making checklists so here’s a check list for an over night trip.


  • CPAP
  • Diabetes supplies
    • Insulin
    • 2 spare infusion sets
    • 2 cartridges
    • Syringes
  • Medication
    • Pillpacks for 3 days
    • Allergy Meds
    • Nepro patches - 2
  • Service dog supplies
    • Crate
    • 2 bowls
    • Food for 6 meals
  • Clothing
    • Workout clothing
    • Pajamas (suitable for walking the dog in the middle of the night
    • Business casual outfit with shoes
  • Toiletries
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Brush
    • Makeup kit
  •  Electronics
    • iPhone / cable
    • iPad     / cable
    • Surface (not sure which one yet) / cable
    •  cable for Apple Watch
  • Food
    • Salad with Jenny Craig Salad kit
    • Snack for evening
    • Jenny Craig shake

Planning just in case we get hit with a flight delay.  And I’m already forgetting things.

I forgot some other victories! Scale and non-scale

BTW, I’m getting ready for two trips.  More on the first one in a later post.

Totally forgot two more important victories:

A scale one – I mentioned that I am seeing a new decade on the scale, but I am also over 70 pounds lost since the lap band surgery. 

And a non-scale one.  I purchased and successfully wore a skirt in the smallest size since the lap band surgery.  I wore a bigger top, because I have to run in the outfit.

Very happy dance.

Labs are back and are super! and getting ready for a big trip

First, my labs were back, and I didn’t realize this was possible.  Back in June, my A1C was 8.6.  Drum roll please – my A1C is 6.4!  The Jenny Craig plan is definitely working.  I have had a few rough weeks, but I’m back to losing two pounds a week.  Better yet, I’m in a new decade now on the scale.  Also my cholesterol is almost in range without a statin drug.  The statin pain seems to be gone, but I’m dealing with other pain now.

I’m getting ready to go to the National Beagle Specialty which is a big deal for me.  All three dogs are entered, but not sure how many are going or competing.  Macy is only entered in two classes, but she hasn’t done well in competition lately.  Very slow.  Dulce is entered in all possible classes, but she hasn’t seemed to wanting to be in the ring.  I’m contributing it to my pain level and am really trying to get that under control.  Jamie is in Sweepstakes and his regular class in conformation.  He still has a major issue to overcome.

The Specialty is in Ocala, Florida, a two day drive.  One of the things that was bothering me about the trip was staying in a hotel room for 5 days with three dogs.  One of my beagle Facebook friends came up with a really good idea: AirBNB.  I really wanted to share a house with her – she found two possible – they are guest houses on horse farms.  Whoever, they were concerned about the number of dogs.  With my three, and at least two others – yes, it could be a problem.

But her idea was really great, so I looked into finding something similar for one person.  Found one for $60 a night, studio apartment with a fenced in yard for the dogs!  Win! Win!  Between cages, puppy pen, and the yard, it should be doable and fun.  Also, Jenny Craig food should be doable, and its 20 minutes from the show site.  My plan during the day is to work the Rescue table when I’m not showing and keep the dogs in one large crate with me.  Using my wagon to transport “stuff”.

Losing weight–gaining a chronic problem

Thanks to Jenny Craig, I’m at my lowest weight in a long time.  I’ve lost over 10 pounds, and about to see a new decade on the scale.

However, I’m discouraged because I’m not seeing any pain relief and now am dealing with sciatica.  I’ve got an text message out to my chiropractic student.  The good news is that I’m scheduled for a round of doctor’s visits. 

So good and bad.  Though the TENS unit seems to be helping the sciatica.