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Jenny Craig is working!

I’ve been on Jenny Craig now for 4 weeks.  I’ve lost over 8 pounds, which puts me right where they want me – 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Here’s why it is working for me:

Portion control

most of the foods are prepared, the ones that aren’t I can’t really over eat on or it doesn’t matter – also the food is edible.

A list of foods to eat

Accountability but in a nice week

Now I lost the first sixty pounds with the lap band,but it didn’t give me any of the above, except for portion control.  I needed the list.  And the list has to be edible.

I tried an outfit here in town which was a total waste.  The accountability was very punitive – if you went off plan, they restricted you even more, and the plan made no sense?  What no Brussel sprouts?

I’ve tried things like MyFitnessPal, which I still use, but didn’t work for me either.  I’ve tried just pre-portioned food, again doesn’t work for me. 

If you are diabetic, be aware that you have to have your doctor sign a very detailed permission slip.  That’s important, because they really do change up the carbs.  I’m taking much less insulin then before.

Jenny Craig–I’ve lost 8 pounds!

Here’s what is working for me.  I have a list each day from Jenny Craig.  I check off the food.  And it’s a lot of food, especially for a lap band gal. 

Breakfast is usually a Jenny shake – great for me as I can’t get anything solid down then.  About an hour later, I eat the Jenny breakfast entrée of the day.  Then yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit.  I have to split up all my meals and sometimes I don’t get them all in.  That’s okay.  I make sure I get enough protein and I’m good.

And just in case you want to give it a try – I have an email with a $25 off promotion.

If you are diabetic, you won’t be able to start right away.  You go in and they fax your doctor a permission letter.  You want that.

I didn’t lose weight the first week because my insulin needs changes drastically and I had to tweak my pump.  Now that it’s closer to right I’m losing weight.   I’ll have to rinse and repeat, as my insulin needs change.