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Diet To Go Lunch Day 1
Dinner day 1 and a decision

More on my experiments in portion controlled food

Still waiting on DietToGo, but I did get an email that it is coming tomorrow.  And I’m over scheduled tomorrow but it will work out.

I tried the Nutrosystem food at Walmart.  A really nice idea, but I ended up taking the box back.  It was marked as good until November 2016, and the bagel in it looked moldy to both me and the sales clerk that handled the return.  That warrants a technology post.  The box was around $42.00 with tax, and contained 4 meals for each day – 5 meals total, but suggested lots of extra food.

I like the MyFit food but it’s hard to eat.  I’ve had two chicken meals with white meat chicken that took me about 30 minutes to chew.  Also a bit heavily spiced to make up for the lack of salt.  Frankly I do fine with a lighter level of spice.  Each meal contains protein and vegetables but I still feel like I need fresh produce.

I have been getting good emails from DietToGo.  I just went out and read the latest.  I also played around with the order website.  It’s a well designed website –even though they are using  mostly bootstrap.  I can’t be too critical, I broke down and using it myself.

Their facebook group has been good too – though so far, mostly got information on shipping.