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Disappointed in Diet To Go
One week of Jenny Craig– LOST WEIGHT!

Jenny Craig–good progress

I started on Jenny Craig Monday lunch.  We’d faxed a permission form to my Endo on Saturday, they indicated to Jenny Craig that they would return it on Monday morning, so they called and I was able to start.  My scales say I’ve lost around 3 pounds in the two days.

I like that I have a planner that I just check off what I’ve ate.  That’s one way DietToGo could fix things.  I didn’t really see that kind of tool.  I also like have those extra meals around.  Last night, when I just had to have something else, instead of pulling out random junk food, I pulled out a DietToGo meal and ate some of it.  Tossed the rest.  I do have another week coming today.  My husband is eating some of those meals too.

I’m on the 20/20 plan and my consultant has been quite available to ask questions – so it’s all good.  No – just check the website when I have a question.  She actually answers it.

Food is good but expensive.