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Diet To Go Food One Week Out
Jenny Craig–good progress

Disappointed in Diet To Go

First, the people on the Facebook Group are down right snarky.  I called one out for cyberbullying Friday.  Seems more people complain than encourage or uplift.  You try to make things better and you get bullied.  While I got some positive reinforcement from the employees of Diet to Go, it didn’t off set the snarky.

Second, support doesn’t support.  When I made a legitimate complainant – the nutritional information isn’t on the meals, I get this:  go out to the website.  Okay, so it’s Sunday at noon, and I need the carb counts on a meal.

I go to 

Login to MyDietToGo

I see Week 3 (oh, it’s Week 2)

No back button so I have to click “Next Week”

Now I’m on Week 4

Click “Next week”

Now Week 5

Click “Next Week”

Now Week 1

Click “Next Week”

Now Week 2

Oh, I made a meal substitution so it isn’t showing, so I have to find the missing meal, and redo the substitution. 

I can FINALLY click on nutrition and finally get the carb count.

Not counting the time to find a device that will let me do this (it’s even this way on the mobile device) – now my meal is cold and unappetizing.  Especially if it’s ground turkey.

I’m supposed to be getting a spreadsheet. Hey, print out all the information needed on the labels, not just the minimum requirement. 

The second best answer is not to roll off the meals until two weeks after they expired.

All easy fixes.

There is still the shipping issue.

There is one last local solution – Jenny Craig, which I visited on Saturday.  Bad news, if you are a diabetic, you need to go by there, have them fax your doctor to get permission, and wait until he gives it.  I remember why I’m not on it now, the doctor I had wanted me to get a lap band, probably for some type of kickback and wouldn’t sign.  I am pretty sure this doctor will sign.