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More on my experiments in portion controlled food
Day 2 Breakfast

Dinner day 1 and a decision

Dinner tonight was Portabella Lasagna.  It was good.  It was only 20 carbs and was lasagna accompanied by vegetables.  It was very filling and quite good.  Easy to eat with the lap band.

I've decided to get a second weeks food.  Husband is going to buy his own food as they don't have a dinner only plan.  The cooler situation is a bit unwieldy.  I'm looking for some place to take it for recycling.  A neighbor is picking up this weeks cooler.

My blood sugar has been very smooth.

I am disappointed that the nutrional information isn't in MyFitnessPal or Fitbit log.  I called the 1-800 number about it, and they suggested I use the website.   I'm not sure where I was supposed to go --it's been a few hours and really not finding it.  I'm going to keep pushing on this.