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Diet To Go Day 3
Disappointed in Diet To Go

Diet To Go Food One Week Out

I agreed to try Diet To Go food for one week after being contacted by them.   They sent me 15 free meals. 

Other than that I’ve been treated just as a regular customer.

I’m very pleased with their food and their service – there are a few glitches which I am sure they can iron out.

I haven’t lost weight, BUT I have been feeling better.   Their meals produce a very smooth blood sugar.  The meals work well with my lap band – I am a little too full after some of them, but I can work that out.  My gastric system is working much better.  I have issues where I alternate between constipation and diarrhea and I go to the bathroom more normally.

I like the 5 day schedule.  Sometimes working with premade meals just don’t work out well, this week I plan to put a few meals in the freezer and alternate them out.  Especially since I might try a large agility fun match in another city.

The biggest drawback seems to be the cooler – it can’t be recycled, but so far, I’ve been able to find them homes with NextDoor.

I’ve looked into local options and can’t seem to find one.

I’ve been on their new Balance-Diabetes plan.  I am going with their 2 meals a day/5 days a week plan starting today.  With my lapband that should be the best option.  Breakfast rarely works well with the lapband, and that was true with theirs.