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Waiting Impatiently

I am getting quite impatient for my DietToGo food, probably because I got a shipping notice yesterday and it isn't arriving until Thursday.

First I checked Facebook and that is normal and fine. Still something to be aware of.

But in the meantime I decided to try some local services.

The first was Snap Kitchen. I went in and what they call meals don't fit my definition. A single plate with no vegetables. Also higher priced. I left with no food.

The second was MyFit Foods which I tried in the past. Their meals include a protein and vegetables with some exceptions. I bought 9 meals for $77.52 with tax.  That worked out to $8.60 per meal.  They have a nutritionist on staff, supplements and cleanses I think they call them. Obviously their food was more appealing than the other local option. Also drive time to get is fairly far away. They do have house accounts with bonus bucks that saves some money.