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Diet To Go Lunch Day 1

Diet To Go Food arrived

My Diet to Go food arrived today. The whole shipping process made me nervous. I got a shipping label on Monday. It said the food wouldn't arrive until Thursday. A check through the Facebook reassured me as that was common practice and they had shipped to Texas successfully before. The only person who had an issue happened because apparently FedEx had delivered to the wrong place.

My food arrived right after the attended shipping center opened. It weighed 28 pounds and was a large well labeled cooler . There should be a photo attached. Recycling it might be an issue.
My city recycling pickup doesn't take styrofoam.

In top was a plastic bag containing wristbands and reading material. There is a booklet explaining the program. There are several miscellaneous flyers including one with healthy snack suggestions.

The top two meals were thawed but very cold. They were breakfasts that might have come unfrozen. I am eating the first cereal and yogurt which I don't think would freeze well. It tastes good. The carb count is a bit high at 48 grams. The cereal is labeled cinnamon walnut cereal and the yogurt is Chobani Simply 100 peach flavor.

So far so good!

Aug 11, 2016