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Jul 31, 2016

I see the doctor Tuesday and the biggest thing that is bothering me is the dizziness.

I have dizziness when I am laying down and when I bend in yoga poses. I feel like I am going to fall.

I am also having big toe pain - left foot only. Waiting on a utic acid test. Blood was taken for that on Friday.

Both are putting me on the injured reserve list. Especially yoga.

I am currently working out. Updating this between sets.


Things have not been working right for me lately, so I'm trying some new things.  Some are working for me, some aren't.

I have been going to Baylor College of Dental and have had some interesting experiences, but they are helping me with my teeth, making it easier to chew -- that should help the lap band.

So then I branched out to Parker Chiropractic College.  They have been helpful, though right now, I'm stalled.  Waiting on a lab test, and the student I am seeing said something about Irving.  Not going there.

And I just heard that the blog isn't working right.  So this is a test.