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June 2016

They say they know what diabetes dogs are smelling, but I know there is more to it then that.

I have a diabetes alert dog.  We trained each other.  So this article: says that scientists have finally figured out what the dogs are detecting.

She’s been helping me for years and after being without her for  a week, I know even more what is going on.

Yes, she detects the lows, but she also PREVENTS them.  She learned to figure how just how much exertion and how much food I’ve eaten goes together and she’ll modify my behavior so that I don’t go low.

Weird, yes, but it works for us.

My next experiment in this realm is to train the next dog.

Statin Muscle Pain

I think I have it.  I am not sure how long, because I’ve been blaming my pain on my arthritis.  I didn’t realize it was muscle pain and not joint pain until I did yoga.  I was doing great or close to great until this winter and have been steadily going down hill, being able to less and less postures.

I was miserable in Alaska and said something about it to the Aetna nurse who call and checks on me every few months.  She said call your doctor when you get off the phone and I left an email message.  They called back and told me to go off it for a few weeks.

It’s not overnight relief but I am feeling better.  I did more postures yesterday than I have in about two months.  Was able to do all the down postures except Tibetan table – that one scares me.  And did all but 3 of the standing postures.

It’s the arm pain that’s tipped me off the most.  I just haven’t been able to hold my arms up.  However, I have no trouble doing strength exercises.

Looking forward to feeling even better.

Numbers are going in the right direction

Coming home from the cruise was awful.  I made the mistake of not getting a wheelchair assist from the cruise terminal to transportation to the airport.  There was a huge line and it was seriously messed up, I think we were in line for 1 1/2hours, and that is where I had my 4th low.  So it took me a week to recover.   Seriously.

My legs still hurt pretty bad when I sit too long or when I first get up in the morning.

I’m making a conscious effort at moving and changing things up but I need to work a bit harder at it.

I skipped an agility trial I was entered in today.  Too much effort involved with little return.  The beagle girls do not like to compete when I’m in pain.

I do have a new project coming in 2 weeks I’ve very excited about.  It was first brought up in September and for reasons that are totally out of control, it’s finally happening.  More on that when I pick it up.

But the good news is that I am back at Yoga and  I have been doing two workouts a day – either yoga and water works, or  yoga and gym which includes weight and cardio workout. 

May 23, 2016

Because my husband doesn't believe Dulce helps me and doesn't want to be seen in public with her, I leave her at home when I go with him.

Today I had my first low in a long time and it was nasty. We are on a cruise and I had eaten breakfast and drank carbs though I did cover part of it with insulin.

Yes it had been some time since I eaten and yes I had walked some but I didn't think it was much.

We were sitting in a bus seeing the sights when my CGMS went off. I felt fine, so I cussed at it and ignored it. I think I ignored it several times but finally did a finger stick.

My blood sugar finally went up but it was scary, we were in the middle of nowhere with no cell service.

May 23, 2016