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April 2016

Feeling Better

Still don’t have the energy I would like, but the insomnia treatment is going well.  I think this week will be my last visit.  I know why I don’t sleep, I have lots of strategies to make it better, and I just have to do them.

I’m at a pause in my dental treatment.  They’ve treated borderline periodontal disease, did 5 fillings, and finally yesterday, put a good temporary crown on my tooth.  I will go back in June for a reevaluation, and to get a permanent crown.  That tooth has been without crown since January which made it hard to chew protein.

They are going to replace 2 crowns, but we’re spacing that out.

I’ve been losing weight this week, and a low pace.  I’m going to see what I can do to speed that up a bit, it was a hard week because I spent 3 afternoons at the dental school.

My biggest goal is to get back on track with yoga.

Trying to get it all back together

I’ve been to the insomnia clinic again – twice. Once for intake and yesterday was an actual session.

It was good. 
I’ve been doing well on the follow up too. 

I’m in the process of setting up a schedule.  I slept well last night, even if I didn’t get there exactly when I wanted to, and played my sleep CD.

I did get awoken up by the city removing the asphalt in front of the house.  But I did get in over 7 hours of sleep.