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Trying to get some fitness back

I type this after pulling a game playing all nighter and suffering from a strained muscle.  I knew as soon as I did it, that I did the wrong move – carrying too heavy of a bag and slinging it across the car seat.  Bad combination.

But right now, I have memberships at a set of Yoga facilities, and two different fitness places plus the city gym.  I may shift back to one, we’ll see.

The goal is to get a least one fitness activity in a day – so far today is Yoga and it looks like that is it.

Gym P is in a nasty parking lot that is shared with a very low end grocery.   You think Walmart shoppers are bad, you haven’t been to a cheap hispanic grocery store Dallas.  It’s not the management of the parking lot OR the grocery store.  They can come in and clean, and 30 minutes later, we’re back to every kind of discarded food you can think of, bags, and yes, the occasionally dirty diaper though they tend to only change those once a day.  I have to walk Dulce through a parking lot with inconsiderate drivers. 

There are several facilities at around the city who have safer, cleaner parking.

They are open 24 hour, but only have cardio and strength but do have massage chairs and beds.  And tanning beds.

Gym L has it’s own parking lot that only its patrons use.  It tends to stay clean, though they don’t clean as often as Gym P.  They have a pool, hot tub and steam room.  Their hours are good during the week but short on the weekend. They do have facilities all over town with extended hours.

Also there is always close parking.

The city pool is very nice, but small and can get over crowded.  Like this week in the afternoons.  Parking is okay most of the time, and if it isn’t, its time to go to a different workout. 

Since I can afford it and it’s at the top of the priority list, yeah, I’m going to keep up with all of them.  I’ll drop Club P first, if money gets tight.  Plus Yoga is paid through the year, and Club L is paid for three (signed up on Friday after another crappy parking lot day at Club P).

Besides Club P is closest and most convenient hours.