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Test Post 2

Sleep is SO much better

I think it is because my stress level is so much better, but I've been getting more than 6 hours a sleep and often more than 7.5  -- that's one thing nice about the Microsoft Band, when I remember to wear it.  Which is most of the time lately.  I do forget to set it for sleep but it can calculate it.

The stress level has been slowly reducing – sometime in the fall, I finally realized that what I did and said didn't really matter anymore.  That's hard for people to get, if they haven't taught.  But when you are a teacher, you have to watch every single thing you say and do.  Probably still do that well on the internet, but it doesn't stress me out like it did.

I did have some bad nights while I was dealing with the gas leak, and a bad one over the whole celebrex thing, but I'm hoping we have that solved.

The whole retirement thing is really helping the stress level – I started working on our taxes this weekend, since most of our paperwork has come in.  I realize that if something would happen that my husband's income disappeared, I could manage without it.  That helps.  As a woman who has lived in Mississippi that is more important than you realize.  It isn't a community property state.

Also the other important numbers are coming down – weight and overall blood sugar.  In fact, my blood sugar this morning was the lowest fasting blood sugar I've seen in a while.