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January 2016

Sleep is SO much better

I think it is because my stress level is so much better, but I've been getting more than 6 hours a sleep and often more than 7.5  -- that's one thing nice about the Microsoft Band, when I remember to wear it.  Which is most of the time lately.  I do forget to set it for sleep but it can calculate it.

The stress level has been slowly reducing – sometime in the fall, I finally realized that what I did and said didn't really matter anymore.  That's hard for people to get, if they haven't taught.  But when you are a teacher, you have to watch every single thing you say and do.  Probably still do that well on the internet, but it doesn't stress me out like it did.

I did have some bad nights while I was dealing with the gas leak, and a bad one over the whole celebrex thing, but I'm hoping we have that solved.

The whole retirement thing is really helping the stress level – I started working on our taxes this weekend, since most of our paperwork has come in.  I realize that if something would happen that my husband's income disappeared, I could manage without it.  That helps.  As a woman who has lived in Mississippi that is more important than you realize.  It isn't a community property state.

Also the other important numbers are coming down – weight and overall blood sugar.  In fact, my blood sugar this morning was the lowest fasting blood sugar I've seen in a while.

Service Dog Victory–Yoga

I have been doing Yoga since we got back from the cruise and of course, Dulce has been accompanying me.  We had some issues, other participants didn’t realize that the heat wasn’t harmful.   Even had to get a letter from the vet. 


She handles the yoga fine, just like everything.  If my blood is fine, she naps, otherwise she is aggitated.


We went through the same progression there as we have everything else – started out with her in the cage, now she’s got her own mat and she’s on leash – though I think I’ll take a towel next time.  Your average dog bed is pretty heat retaining.  By the way, the only time she’s off leash is at home and at dog agility  -- one of our issues.


Also by the way, I’ve been working on our taxes, and my income is sufficient for me to live on if I had to – one of my goals throughout my adult life.  I’ve only had a few time periods – when I went back to school to get my teaching certificate and the last few months when that wasn’t true.

Absolutely Crazy–Express Scripts has actually improved customer service and Pillpack has failed

I finally got back on an insurance that I am comfortable with – yeah, paying almost $400 a month, but full coverage.  I knew this and got ready for it in December.

Got my logins for the new plans, and went to set up PillPack again.  I even went so far to find out what drugs needed pre-authorizations and let them know that.

Now I know how to play this game.  Apparently PillPack doesn’t.  Also I will acknowledge that Express Scripts is probably playing their own form of passive aggressiveness.

Neithor of my doctor’s offices have received any of the pre-authorization paperwork.  I’ve had to move the three medications to Express Scripts mail order pharmacy.  Depending how the next few weeks go, we’ll see where the other ones go.

It’s going to be interesting.

Things are slowly getting better

There are two numbers that aren't budging and they are frustrating me – my weight and my A1C.

One number is getting better – that's my sleep number.  I'm getting over 7 hours a night lately which is much better than it was in December.  I think I was average about 4 hours, even less some nights, especially when I was dealing with the gas line.

I do know that number has to improve before the other ones will.

I've got one more doctor's appointment next week – primary care.

I've got all of my medical supplies ordered, and most of them are here.  The last box was here, but we did the billing wrong, so that box is on it's way back to Medtronics, and its' replacement will be here next week.

My prescriptions are on the way, one arrived today.  So yes, life is MUCH better.

Getting used to SemiRetirement

Actually it isn't that hard.  Layers of stress have been rolling off. 

First I got my medical insurance card.  And leave it to Express Scripts to make sure I get my presciption stuff on January 2.   I did get my information from them in advance and had PillPack working on things as soon as they opened after the 1st.

I've been getting all the medical appointments done that I've put off because of the $3500 deductible.  Well woman last week, endo this week, primary care next week.

Get my CPAP supplies last week, insulin pumps supplies are shipping today.  Have that all on autoship now.  Well, the CPAP stuff I pick up because the office is in Dallas and they are nice.

Nice to know that everything is covered with the reasonable deductible.  Yes, I pay more each month, but its all piece of mine.

Oh, and best yet, I show up in the Texas Teacher Retirement system as retired and I know what my gross pay is.

All good!  Now if I can get my A1C down.  It's 8.1, was 8.0 and of course during the holidays.

Oh, and I ended up not scheduling a retirement party because the process brought out my social anxiety disorder.

Loving Yoga

I have been doing yoga since about the time we got back from our cruise.  On January 1, we celebrated my 50th class and celebrated doing their 60 day challenge – doing 5 classes a week for 60 days.

I missed a few days last week, between a dog agiity trial and doctor’s appointments, it just didn’t happen.

It seems to be helping my overall pain level and its definately helping the mood. 

Got to love @ExpressScripts

Got my prescriptions cards precisely on the 2nd of January.  Will need new medications shipped on the January 14th.  I’ve already got everything to @PillPack and I have full confidence they’ll get the ducks lined up.  So much nicer than dealing with it on my own.

Don’t know if I can afford using them forever, but I can’t wait to be back with them.

On the good side, @ExpressScripts doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for Neupro – hmmm, that makes me wonder if they have a coupon.

And they do, and @PillPack should have it.  If not, I’ll get it on Monday.