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Awesome Nordstrom Experience

Posting here because @Nordstrom has ads here.

In the midst of an awecome @Nordstrom exerience which all mistakes were my fault.

My sister and I share a birthday and I foud the perfect present for her on clearance and since I’ve gone through the checkout process with them only to find out that someone else bought the same item before I did, and didn’t get it, I didn’t check the address until after tracking showed it was delivered and she didn’t get it.

I sent it to her old address with her new name.  <sigh>

They opened it without seeing who it was to, but that’s okay.  She got ahold of them and they put it out for UPS to pick up again.

I called Nordstrom customer service to see it if had arrived and told the customer service rep the story. It took us some looking but the reason it was on clearance is that the manufacturer had come out with a new version that was cuter.

Since they hadn’t processed the new one (if it has even arrived), they still went ahead and shipped the new version for the sale price AND upgraded the shipping for free for her to get it in time, since UPS is playing crazy games.

All very awesome.


Though when we were talking about this, Karen decided to get me a Nordstrom gift card because “they take care of you”, to the point of carrying exercise wear in my size. 

Typing this while at Nordstrom buying exercise wear and taking advantage of my personal 10 points day.