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Taking care of me

I've spent too much of the year taking care of others, rather than me.  So I'm going back to the things that I did when I was losing weight and managing my diabetes.  That includes blogging.

I enjoyed the cruise -- lost weight.  Unfortunately, while I enjoyed being with my husband, its when I "lost" him that I had the best time.

For our next cruise we are thinking about going on a poker cruise.  I think we would both like that better, as it would be easy to lose him.   Those seem to be mostly on Royal Caribbean, the good news is that the people who were on our cruse, said they liked Royal Caribbean as well as Princess.

The things that worked for me on the cruise ship were the number of steps I took each day, and the fact that I was very careful to follow the lap band rules.

What I loved the best, was having someone else deal with the room and the food.  The food part didn't impress my husband that much, he's happy with buffets, me not so much.

So over the next few weeks I'm focusing on me, dealing with diabetes, and working out.