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Good experience today @MonarchDentist

Service Dog Victory - Yoga

I think I mentioned I tried acupuncture on the cruise and my knee was better.  Frankly just about anything anyone does makes it better -- well, except my losing weight :-(

One of the suggestions the acupuncture doctor had was to do yoga (or Tai Chi) so I looked up a studio that several friends in the dog world have used.  I called and mentioned the dog and they weren't sure.  I finally got someone pretty high up in the company and they explained that they hadn't had one before.

Biggest concern everyone had was the heat, but we do dog agility in Texas in the summer.  I put a cool bowl of water in the cage for her--which we drank before we went in.  She was fine, panting at the end but cooled down immediately when we got down.

And she was her perfect service dog self, not making a peep the entire class.

The class was good and I signed up for membership immediately.  I'm stiff today, but no more than usual.