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Still Enjoying Yoga
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Interesting Issue Came Up

As I blogged a few days ago, I've made a major change in my exercise and my life -- I'm doing yoga -- hot yoga.   And Dulce has been accompanying me.

One thing everyone needs to know about me, is that my feelings are easily hurt, especially when it comes to the dogs.  And, yes, I've questioning the whole hot yoga thing. 

Dulce is in a plastic crate when I go to class, which doesn't absorb the heat like a metal one.  It's also well ventilated and I keep a bowl of cold water in it.  I also keep an eye on her -- partly for her sake and partly so I don't miss an alert.

So, Tuesday I go to class, and the manager of the place stops me and wants a letter from the vet that it was okay.  Apparently people have asked them, but neither the questioner or the manager bothered to say anything to me in person. Also I had just been at the vets office picking up meds and it was quite chaotic.  The vet that ended up answering the request has her hands full (Thanks!)

I spent the next few hours questioning my own judgement and even asked a few people as reality checks.  They agreed that the heat shouldn't bother her and I was taking the correct precautions.  One person even pointed out that I should be offended -- she thought it was very sweet of people to think of her.

So on Wednesday, I was still very much upset and offended and cancelled my membership which I almost immediately regretted. 

I got the letter AFTER I cancelled, but I sent the letter to the yoga studio and then sheepishly asked if I could come back.

Here's what I am getting out of the yoga:


a) body acceptance

b) ability to stand for longer periods of time -- the first half of the class is standing, and that's hard for me.  I did have to quit in the last 10 minutes of the standing portion recently, but that was just one class.

c) it's helping me lose weight -- I don't have the urge to stress eat as much and I overall just feel better.


We're not at the pain relieving part yet <smile> but I think we'll get there.  I've been a member since the 9th and have made it to 12 classes.

Once of the things I really like about this is that they using gaming.  The handout rewards and I got my first one on Thursday and they also have a point system so that the more classes you attend the cheaper it is for you.

By the way, they also reward referrals, so if you would like to join, let me know!