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Good experience today @MonarchDentist

About 1 and 1/2 years ago, I had a really bad experience with a dentist who is no longer with the company.  When the crown first came off, a Jefferson Dental dentist wanted to replace it, but I knew that insurance wouldn't pay for it.  Two other Jefferson Dentists also wanted it replaced, but not sure it was because notes or truly bad.

I was recently accepted at Baylor Dental school as a patient and they also wanted it replaced.  Again, knew insurance wouldn't cover it, so I took a chance and called Monarch Dental.  They made an appointment today to look at it.

And not only did their dentist, Dr. Ward, agreed, but has already taken it off and ordered a new one.

In fact, it is that experience that sent me to Baylor in the first place.  The dentist who put in the crown did not want to mess with pulling a tooth.  I already knew that Baylor Dental School had an extraction clinic, so went there and that's when I found out how to be a patient.

Neat part:  Dr. Ward went to Baylor Dental School.  Another lesson learned, find out where your dentist went to school.