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October 2015

Hopefully this space will get more active

Now that I'm truly semi-retired, my next priority after the job is getting my health together.  Especially since my husband is back together -- he celebrated his six-month anniversary on going back to work after his head injury.

I've been going to the gym most days -- and have mixed feelings about the pool.  It's really hard on my hair.  It was also really cold and didn't feel that well on my joints the last time we had 70 degree weather.   I've learned that being there when there are children there isn't worth it, but hopefully that will change.

I have joined a new service -- Livongo and have gotten their starter kit today.  My goal for them is to have someone I'm accountable to on a more frequent basis.  We'll see.  My last attempt at that didn't go well.

Dulce -- wasn't kennel cough at all

Well, it wasn't a virus.  They put her on anti-botics on Sunday, she stopped coughing on Tuesday.  That meant we could actually show on Sunday according to my vet who was at the trial.

And meant that she could go back to work for me on Monday.  I kept her well away from other dogs and stayed away from other dogs myself, just in case.