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September 2015

Dulce picked up kennel cough at the National Speciality

This is tough.

In my world, I like to go to dog shows, and since I'm physically active there, I need Dulce.  Frankly since my husband has recovered from his head surgery she goes just about everywhere.  Once in a while when I'm only going to the grocery store and I haven't been to the gym in awhile,  she stays home.  She also doesn't

I have one client that I see that I don't take her with me, on the request of the client.  I figure that's a good break for her.  The rest of the time she is with me.

So even if I wasn't competing, I'd be there.  I went specifically to videograph as a fundraiser for the American Beagle Relief fund. 

I hope to have three dogs competing next year.  I have a few people question whether is she is a service dog -- she is, she helps me manage my blood sugar levels.  I have people questioning whether I should run her.  Well, we both enjoy it a lot, and dog agility is my incentive to stay physically active.

My doctor is encouraging me to train Macy, the older dog, and the new dog will definitely be trained.  In fact, it will be easier on the dogs if more than one has the load and they can take turns.

So I have a plan.  Dulce and Macy will stay home until one of the two events occur.

  • Two weeks after the first cough (which will be the day before the next trial we're entered in)
  • Or 4 days after the last cough, whichever is longer.

I'm feeling confident it will be next Saturday as Macy hasn't caught it yet.  That would reset the clock to two weeks after her first cough.  Dulce's coughing is very mild at this point.  A few minutes after waking this morning.


This year started out so bad.

Rich was really worried about his job, as the management had changed. 

I lost a gig that was really fun, but really stressful.

We went through the head injury.

But we are in a really, really good place now.

I just got back from the largest beagle party ever and had a REAL blast.  Unfortunately there were people at the agility trial who just had to spoil it and I let them.  However the conformation people were fabulous.

Yeah, there were mean girls there too.  But I am learning to not let that go on my nerves.  It's a real shame when people can't let you enjoy yourself and enjoy in the fun, but that's okay.

Getting back was even better -- husband got a really good performance review. 

So we're looking forward to getting a new family member.  Hopefully she will be a half sister to Macy, hopefully she'll be someone I can show in conformation and finish, and hopefully she'll like agility as much as her sisters.

And if she isn't any one of those, we'll love her anyway.

Thank you, Julie, I wish I had met you in person but you gave me such lovely gifts.