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Dulce has mastered a new DAD behavior

I frequently joke that "My dog is better than CGMS"

Well Dulce has mastered a new behavior which I call, "taking care of mom at the pool"

It took a while for the situation to fit in my head but it really isn't much different than taking care of me in the classroom. Granted the pool is a bit larger but the distractions are generally less.

She started out in her cage, set towards the center of the far lane. I didn't know for sure if it would so was pretty cautious. Taking a lap swim class from a guy who trained with Gary Hall a lot. I figured he at least knew not to freak if I went low.

Now she sits at the end of the lane I am swimming in. She does get easily offended at the pool. She hates getting wet and does nit like other people around her cage. She will refuse to settle and cause me to have to quit swimming but it gets better everyday.

True she can't actually send the data to the cloud but I really don't need that. I just need to be told to stop before I go into a nasty low.

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