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OptumRx Debacles -- Just in the nick of time

So after having lost my doctor's authorization for a 90 day script, the last medication arrived on the first day I needed to take them.  Fun part is that they arrived about 20 minutes after the website says they were delivered.  I'm getting tired of that people.

A few hours late, since it's a diuretic but here.  Even better as the original delivery date was on Monday and I hadn't decided if I was going to fill a 30 day or not, or even if they would let me.

I've managed to get everything in 1 and 1/2 small drawers, but partly of the fault with that is that they shipped me two sets of anti-inflammatories instead of one.

I still miss PillPack a lot.  Hopefully I'll be able to use them in January. 

As I told an OptumRX lead, it's really sad that I am looking forward to returning to ExpressScripts.


Good news on Medications

I have all my medications except for a blood pressure medication.  I may even be able to do without for a few days as my blood pressure has been dropping since I started losing some weight.

Everything is sorted for the next four weeks.  The plan from this point forward is to sort the last weeks medications so I can reorder anything or pick up anything as it is depleted.  A bit hard with the medications I get monthly but doable.

Still disappointed that Walgreens can't do the coupon thing for me, but the Walmart Pharmacy is across the street and also has a drive-thru.

Epic fail for them, as they are losing a lot of my business.

I am still having problems with @OptumRX and my prescriptions

Ever since UHC and OptumRX decided that PillPack couldn't fill my prescriptions, its been a nightmare. 

I started moving everything on July 10, and I have PillPack medication through Thursday.  Thankfully I throw nothing away and had a couple of days I didn't remember to take medications, so I'm actually good until Sunday.

I've been on the phone for over 6 hours with the people at OptumRX.  The biggest problem is that I had an existing account because of the job with Softcard, even though I haven't paid on that account since mid February.

I'm also irritated at Walgreen's.  They don't keep coupons on file and you have to bring in the paper copy each time <argh>.  Walmart is across the street, and they claim that I might have to remind them to use the coupons.  The two non-Tier medications are $25.00 a month with the coupons.

Transferring scripts to them took about 5 minutes on the phone and 15 minutes while they filed the insurance and coupons.  That will probably be faster in the future.  They also have an online option for refilling.

Supposedly the other four presciptions are either on the way here or getting to ship.  We'll see.

Optimux RX Again!

I got an email this morning saying that OptumRX hadn't received 90 scripts on two of the medications, and as usual, I was right, they were applying the scripts to the account that should be closed.

I called the first doctor, they called right back and said they had sent in the prescription on the 10th.

So I called Optimux, and yet again, explained that I had two accounts, this time a third rep, and they said they would merge it.  They did find the missing prescriptions.  I ended up calling a second doctor as I am sure those scripts were sent to the wrong doctor.

The clock is ticking as I need everything next Friday.  <sigh>

Hope they can get it all straightened out.


Yesterday's encounter was a clear case of bullying -- it wasn't another stupid person encounter.

I am still ashamed that I didn't stand my ground, but collapsed under the pressure of other bullys.  This is something I didn't see at the time, having suffered one nasty low already that day -- is when someone is bullied and other people stand by and let the bullying occur, they are bullying too.

Especially when it is people who know you.  Though I think that bullying among acquaintances is more common than bullying total strangers.

Sadly that community promotes bullying -- it's odd because many of them have been bullied all their lives, that they continue to promote bullying.

I suspect that the couple in question were both afraid of dogs.  I get that.  Again, the dog was being quiet, staying close to me in the crowd, though alerting her butt off.

Latest stupid person encounter

I am attending a convention, we had a social event in the bar and grill.

Man comes up to me and wants me to move because his wife is allergic to dogs.

Now this comes after I have gone low.

My answer, no, I don't have to move, my life or death situation trumps your wife's allergy. Besides the only way a dog allergy becomes life threatening would be if you actually inhaled large quantities of dander.

He keeps pushing, I keep staying his face and getting more agitated. Unfortunately an acquaintance decides to wrongly intervene and I do end up moving.

I was actually looking for the manager who helped me get out of trouble.

By the way who has a networking event without food? I had even asked and was told there was food there.

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Weight is Down!

In fact, I'm about where I was a year ago.

This last year has been stressful.  I was doing pretty good with the job, until the end when they started laying people off.  Then husband had to have surgery and I saw a pretty constant weight gain through that, but it was all I could do.  Now that weight is off, and my body and mind is back in losing mood.

We have a new pool, and they got us a good fitness instructor, and I'm working on building up my swimming.  I am also trying to combine weight training and biking in the gym with the swimming.  However, lows swimming scare me.

I tried my new routine today but it didn't work out.

I went off pump when I woke up, did Johns Hopkins work and drank a Muscle Milk. 
Did weights at Planet Fitness, and even did a few minutes on the massage chair.

I only managed 6 laps at the pool and Dulce started to alert.  But they were a good six laps.

I also took my time at it, so I was off insulin for a while.

OptumRX - UHC's pharmacy service is so messed up

I got an email from my doctor's online service telling me I had email, so I checked and they had issued 90 day prescriptions for my medications.

Then I went to the OptumRX website and I was being charged over $900 for two 90-day prescriptions.  Really? Really?

This is worse than anything Express Scripts has done.  Seems that they were using my old UHC account, not my husband's UHC account where I am a dependent. 

Fortunately they are open for customer service issues at 11:00 pm and I am hoping I have it straightened out.  Instead of merging my web account, as I want to make sure they don't bill me again on the web account, I opened a second account.

Unfortunately the website says they are still processing that order.