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June 2015

Things are finally getting better

As a result of focusing on the husband's health, my own has been deteriorating.  Most of it has been eating.

I took a few steps to make that better.  I have been using my emwave2 device and when I don't have it on it, and I'm quiet, I focus on that type of breathing.  That helps the eating problem and the stress problem a lot.

I took control of my schedule -- though I might be changing it.  I tutored another WyzAnt Tutor on Friday and it was good.  I am meeting with a family tomorrow night about a long term tutoring assignment.  I have mixed emotions about it.

So the weight is going down.

Other good things -- I got a receipt for the Texas Teacher Retirement System showing that I have my 24 hours.  Not sure what the next steps are -- it may be done.  Just waiting for their computer to spit out forms.

Johns Hopkins is going well, I have about 15 students who are progressing nicely.  I seem to be adding students at an equal rate to losing them.  I know that enrollment will drop in the fall.

All in all its good.


Pill Pack over a year later

Many of you might remember that one of the things that lead up to my having a complete meltdown both physically and mentally was Express Scripts.

No, seriously they were a major contributor. 

The insurance plan I was on, had things set up so that we HAD to use Express Scripts for anything long term.  Or at least that was the way everything came across.

Well, Pill Pack to the rescue.  Not only do they package everything in a convenient box and everything every two weeks, but they do all the pharmacy benefit fighting for you.

For example, when I needed Celebrex and the insurance company was insisting on killing my doctor with paperwork -- called a prior authorization -- Pill Pack stepped in and handles it.  They have even hunt down manufacturer programs that reduce the cost.

Now I still get my insulin from the local pharmacy, just for the convenience factor all around but when I do have them ship insulin they do it in a cooler with gel packs the right temperature.  Express Scripts put the vials in a package, surrounded it with frozen gel packs and hoped for the best.

And best yet, the Pill Packs have always arrived in time.  There were a few times I wasn't sure that they would get to me in time, but yes, every two weeks I have pills to start when I need them.

They do have a couple of options for traveling and vacations. They can either ship early or they can ship to your vacation site. I haven't tried that yet, but I have full confidence.

Here' their website:



Taking Control

For most of my adult life, other people have controlled my time.

That's okay when you have an office to go to, and you are getting paid for a set amount of time and work.  It hasn't worked for me for the past few months.

My weight is going up and my A1C sucks.  So I'm taking control.  First, I've set office hours for CTY, and I'm also setting two days off -- Tuesday and Wednesday.  Now that doesn't mean I won't respond to students those days, and in fact will still do email etc.  Those are the days I am going to do doctor's appointments, etc. and I'm not going to tutor those days. 

It also means that I'm going to go to the gym / pool in the early afternoon.  That means I don't need as many calories in the morning and can use my lunch calories for the workout.

Doctor's appointments, hair appointments, etc are going to happen those days.  Those are going to be days I focus on me. 

I have already tried a few days like this and it is working out well.