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May 2015

Dulce is rocking the service dog thing at the pool

I had tried wrapping my head around her working while I was swimming, and with the opening the new pool in Farmers Branch, I finally did.

They have an indoor lap pool and therapy pool.  It's wonderful.  She sits in a cage outside the pool.  The first few days she had trouble scenting me -- I could tell because she would whine and even howl.  I would stop by her cage and talk to her.  It only took a few days to figure it out. 

I've even been able to do water aerobics -- really fun, but way to structured for me -- especially timing right now in my life.

My routine right now, is to do some Johns Hopkins work, do some housework, then go to Planet Fitness for strength and cardio, then the pool.  The pool is just a couple of blocks from Planet Fitness.

Getting Back to Me

My husband has started his 3rd week back to work after major surgery and physical rehab.

I'm trying to stop focusing on him, and start taking care of myself.  I've upped my game at the gym and have added the pool.  I saw my endo last week, had a horrible A1C, and he did some major pump tweaks that help.

I still need to be focusing on checking my blood sugar throughout the day.  I tend to stop in the evenings.

I'm going to take a small trip this weekend.  I have the first two stops already planned.  I have a lot of travel in my head, just need to take the time, and do it.

Today, I'm going to try water aerobics -- and finally seeing my primary care physician.