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Doctors Assistants are screwing up badly

I have an appointment with my endocrinologist next week. In my calendar, I had recorded a lab visit. Apparently, the appointment clerk didn't as I didn't get a reminder call and when I got there,
there was no paper work.

Fortunately a quick recovery but it took extra time. Time I don't want to give up.

I called my contact lens place and told them I wanted a different prescription than what was last prescribed. It is the previous prescription, which I have been wearing. I wanted to know if they wanted to see me first. They scheduled an appointment and told
me they needed call back to update information which I did.

Then another one called to see if she could talk me out of the appointment - she did but it was almost enough to get me to order them from Walgreens and I might yet.

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Microsoft Band - Love it!

I've been an early adopter of the Fitbit.  I currently have two here around the house.

I have switched to the Microsoft Band, and yeah, I have two.  Here's why (and why I had two fitbits).

I've been known to do one of two things:

  • Leave the house without my fitness device.
  • Let the battery completely run out.

And yes, you can switch between two devices, though I think the Fitbit is a little harder.  I do know by accident that it is easy to do the Microsoft band, but wasn't the first time.  The first couple of times I had to reset my Microsoft band, I lost my data.  However, now you don't but I'm wonder if it's because I had the other one on the charger.

My favorite thing to do is put it on the charger and then leave the house without it.  I had my first Microsoft band in the truck -- it's screen is scratched up.  So I decided to give it a try.  I disconnected the Windows Phone from the band, then I reconnected the new one.  Takes a few minutes, but my data was still there!

I've done it a couple of times now, with no issues.  Even remember what tiles I had set up.  Only problem is that I have to remember to turn on watch mode.

I like it much better than the Fitbit.  I do wish you could go back and put the start and end times of sleep and exercise activity.  You could do that with the fitbit.