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Disclosing in a new work place
The other reason I hate Humalog


Sunday night along with the rest of this weekends excitement my CPAP failed.

Threw off an error message so I pulled the plug and rebooted it.

I thought it was putting off enough pressure but I woke up feeling like I hadn't used it. Which happens rarely, since the phase " feeling like doggy dodo" is appropriate.

First thing I did driving into work, was to call the medical supply company. They are awesome. Hope Home Medical if you are in the Dallas area and you need CPAP. Owner does and gets us.

They called back as soon as they opened and said they would try to replace it. They got approval right away and I had a new machine at noon.

I love it. It turns itself off and on. It has a thermostat on the humidifier. And it has an indicator for mask leaks.

5 years is a long way in medical devices.

I am quite happy I could do this on school insurance and wait to deal with the new insurance.

I have new everything.

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