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Now I remember why I am not using Dulce

Disclosing in a new work place

I will start out by saying that anyone in IT should have looked me up by now and they would know.  So if you are a new coworker of mine, “howdy”.

I have been worried about two things: keeping insulin in the workplace – I already had a pen out because I thought I might be staying over night somewhere, and I routinely rotate my vials.

That being said, I would like to keep a fresh vial and pen at work.  At the school gig, I had a small refrigerator in my room for years.  It got old so I just started routinely carrying cold water and refrigerated insulin and that worked well. 

But people, I work in an office attached to the mall!  And they give us cold drinks and hot drinks.  Just about any flavor you imagine.  So I’m dragging water any where?

And people, I work in an office attached to the mall and I have to get away from people for a while.  So yes, I’m eating in the mall.  Don’t worry, they know me by name at the Nordstrom’s café.  And Starbucks is closer.  Bet I’ll find other secret places with stuff I can eat for lunch.

So, I asked – can I leave my insulin in the break refrigerator and the person I asked showed me a closer break room.  We have a beverage area, a break room on our floor and another break room.  However, I’m going to have to share a conference room with 5 other people starting next week.  Oh well.

I also asked, since I have to share a conference room with 5 other people and the cube farm isn’t any more private if it would be okay to use the mother’s room if I had to make an adjustment.  She said sure.

By the way, we have real restrooms with real doors that lock and everything.

I always feel lucky if there is a door at all, much less one that latches.

YES, I’ve had to use restrooms that didn’t have doors on the stall.

So I haven’t looked in the mother’s room yet.  But I’m pretty sure that they are a) private, b) lock and c) are sanitary.

Because I’ve yet to test OR change a set in any one’s restroom.  I had a walk in closet in my old classroom that was perfect for that, and there was only a semester or so where I didn’t have access to it.

I love  my job.