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Types 1 are finally getting Type 2

It’s tough some times being a Type 2 diabetic (if I am).  Yes, I look like the typical Type 2 – I have been struggling with my weight for most of my adult years, even though I’m physically active.  In fact, if you look at me, you don’t realize I put in at least an hour every day at the gym, mostly doing cardio.

I have a lot of attributes of Type 1 – we tried Type 2 drugs, but they didn’t work.  I’m definitely insulin dependent.  In fact, I use an insulin pump with a CGMS and a diabetes alert dog.  I have hypoglycemia unawareness. 

My father and his parents all were diagnosed with diabetes and died of cardio-vascular compliments.  Not only is there a genetic component here – but we were all raised eating the same diet.  Fortunately we started changing that diet in the 80’s but the damage was done.

My problems are aggravated by sleep apnea, caused by breaking my jaw when I was 19.   I am subject to extreme sleep disruption due to it and restless leg syndrome.

Pill Pack Unboxing Insulin

So anything that can’t fit in a Pill Pack gets shipped one month at a time.  This is fine.  I had them send me insulin and they sent me 5 vials.  Here’s the unboxing:


As you can see – they were packed in a small cooler with packs to keep them cold.

Shipped overnight, UPS

Travel–I actually like it

It’s funny but a few people around me have gotten the impression I don’t like to travel.  My problem with traveling is that whole TSA and logistics thing.   Right now, I only travel once a year or so, so the logistics is tough.  If I did it on a regular basis, had it organized and new what to expect at the airport, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Besides, @shanselman and @sixuntilme do it all the time, even with children.

Social Network burnout and what does it mean to me?

This month’s DSMA Blog Carnival topic is:

What are some of the things we can do to prevent social media burnout

I have a different take on it.  If I am not social networking something is going on with me and it probably isn’t good.  I may be suffering from diabetes burnout, or I may have another thing going on.

Take this week: between Typepad being under a DOS attack and a root canal, I wasn’t blogging or doing much social media.  That might be a sign that a friend needs to check up on me and pull me out. 

I also have a bad habit when that happens of not re-entering the space.

So how to prevent social networking burnout?  Check on your friends when they disappear.  They might need some outside help.

I have a love / hate relationship with my scale

But don’t we all.

Mine’s different.  I have an Aria scale that works with FitBit.  Have a FitBit too.  I love that it sends the data to the scale and gives me positive reinforcement.

What I hate:  it weighs 5 pounds heavier that the doctor’s scale.  That is not a bad thing though, because I’ll weigh in the morning, get dressed and go to a doctor, and I still see a smaller number.

It also shows fat percentage and that number is going down too.

Latest Issue

I think it comes from living in 50 minute increments, but I can only stand to focus on something so long, and then the “have to do’s” start creeping in.

Half to clean the house, train the dogs, or the other twenty things I feel need to be accomplished.  And that happens when I’m cleaning the house, training the dogs (though I never train them that long), or doing whatever.

Yesterday, I hit my time limit in the gym in the afternoon.

Something I’m working on.

First Day with PillPack

Today is my first day taking my prescriptions with Pill Pack.

First, I didn’t notice the side of the pack:


And here is what greeted me today:


Pull it off, tear it open, take pills, toss in trash.

Yes, that’s a Chumby One.

I am still taking meds I sorted out – the containers on the side have my morning meds.

I have a few left over pills and I’m going to check and see how we are going to proceed with that, so far I’m pleased.