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Medication Compliance–Especially patches

Service Dog space is full of scams

I’m not saying yet, that the girl in Phoenix was a scam artist, but I lost contact with her once a local media outlet reached us.

So I’m glad people didn’t donate.

However, I will say that I have been I contact with an agility person who was interested in DAD training, she claims to have steroid diabetes, which is a thing, according to the internet, but it sounds like as long as you are on the meds that caused the problem, you won’t be diabetic.  Disclaimer, I’m not medical personal, and got that off the interweb.

I’m suspecting that individual just wants to fly her dog free to competitions. Apparently that’s a problem in that space, as it has been under discussion.

I’ve heard about DADs, not being trained properly – that state of Texas has too.  Both forms of training: symptom detection and behavior.  One sad case, just days after the family got the dog, it ran out of the house and got killed, hit by a car.  A church had done most of the fundraising for the dog and they were devastated.  I’ve worked a lot of those type of behavior issues, and frankly the family probably wasn’t trained properly, but I wasn’t there.

Heck, even my husband and one of my former students are skeptical that Dulce alerts.