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Missed my blog anniversary again

I have been blogging on this blog since FEBRUARY 2003 – if I do the math right, that's 11 years of blogging.

I started blogging because one of my life goals has been to write a high school computer science book. This would be a good time, but I digress.

One of the reasons I'm amused because I've seen references to log time diabetes bloggers who have blogged since 2007 and another since 2005?

Now I don't always put a post out every week. Some of them do, either they are professional writers and have set themselves a schedule or blog for another reason to keep themselves out there. I just blog when I have something I need to journal, or when I have something to say.

Another reason I'm not as well known as that I am a very non typical member of the DOC. I'm a type 2, and I've found that most of the diabetic online community are Type 1, and are suspicious of us Type 2s. I also do some other odd things – I have an insulin pump and CGMS AND a diabetes alert dog.

The interesting part is that I have met some of the DOC in person. Scott and Tara (the other blogger I know of with a DAD).

Another reason I'm not part of the DOC, is that the tweeting part takes place on Wednesday night exactly when I have a long standing "girl's night out with the dogs".

So yes, I'm still here and I still blog.

Thinking seriously of that textbook now.