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Nordstrom too expensive?

I’ve invited a few people to come to Nordstrom events to me, and I occasionally get the response: Oh, they are too expensive.

I’ve also seen a friend post on Facebook lately, that she’s been finding holes in her clothing and where can she find better clothing?

I’ve got the answer to both – yeah, Nordstrom. 

First, within the store (and online store, itself), there are different price points.  My favorite pants are NYDJs.  Sejour isn’t as pricy but I will say that the NYDJs fit better.  But, I can also get NYDJ’s at Nordstrom Rack and occasionally at Haute Look.  My hint there:  make sure you know which NYDJs fit best, and look for them at Haute Look events.

I also recommend getting the store card – but every since Target got hit, I really recommend getting store cards.  I get double points every time I spend money – triple points on special days (they just had one) and after 2000 points, I get $20 in notes.  The secret is to put the notes on a gift card.  They don’t expire and spend at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.

Also if you are a real loyal customer, the store will give you a gift card on a random basis.  I’ve gotten 2 $50 cards because I use the personal shopping service – oh, and differently do that.  I also get extra gifts with purchase from the Beauty Spot, besides those that the manufacturer give out with purchase. 

Oh, and their events are to die for.  I took a friend from the gym Saturday, we got there at 7:00 am Sad smile Got lots of samples – free breakfast, and a fun fashion show.  Afterward, all the reps were there and we got pampered by them.  I had two different people in my hair giving me ideas, she got full makeup and we both got free facials from Kate Somerville.  Love Kate’s products and love their free facial.

Today I got an email giving me $25.00 off of Haute Look, sadly didn’t find anything today, but I’ll keep my eye out.  Only thing I don’t like about Haute Look: they don’t take Nordstrom Credit.  They do do Paypal.

If you would like an invite to Haute Look, let me know in the comments, I get $10 credit for each invite.