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Need to figure out “Church”

I either need to pick a smaller church, or figure out this church.  I started going to church last week and its one of those hard to figure out.

Long walk from the parking log – then sitting for a long time – then another long walk back to the car.

I like First Baptist Church of Dallas.  My daddy was really happy I ended up here in Dallas, as he listened to the worship services on radio and really enjoyed the church.  So he asked me to come there first.

I enjoyed it until the height of the AIDS crisis.  They didn’t really deal with that well, but now it is a different pastor and a different time. 

Dulce alerted when we got to our pew, so I checked and I was still good, but rapidly dropping.  She doesn’t really like rapid dropping.  I knew that the sitting part would take care of things.

At the end of service she alerted again today, but I knew we probably had time to get to the car.  We would have probably if I hadn’t gotten lost, but I did get help getting me to the car.  Ended up with two glucose tablets.

Eating at Spaghetti Warehouse, so should be good for a few hours.