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In the interest of stress reduction

Yeah, I returned that Lenovo.

And have my Sony for sale.  I’ll post the ebay link when it’s up.

I’m working on reducing stress, for example, when traffic is heavy, I’ll “help” 18 wheelers get in the other lane.  It feeds my “helping” impulse, and distracts me from the traffic.  Probably better than my counselor’s suggestion of pulling out a device and playing an audiobook.  Should probably pull over for all that.

For I have a plan for service dog rejection.  If we’re in a low crime area and the police aren’t busy I’ll wait up until 20 minutes – maybe – to let a cop tell you that you are wrong.  At any rate, I’ll smile sweetly at you and probably NOT come back.  I will find a supervisor to tell you that you are wrong, and start shopping somewhere else.  You are NOT the only store in town.

However, for the others – the law says we’re allowed.  I don’t mind a bit of you remove obstacles out of our way so we can accomplish our task quicker.  I don’t mind of you want to visit with her and pet her.  I am flattered if you think “are you training another one”.  It happened to day.  I also don’t mind helping you by making the screaming kid stop – yeah that happens a lot.  I was at a grocery store today and there was a little boy very unhappy who had just been put in a cart.

I smiled at him, pointed at Dulce and said “see the puppy”.  He forgot all about what was making him scream.  Told his mom that we did that all the time (we do).  Win, win for everyone.

And back to my point – if in my stress I can see someone to help, someone to make a bit happier, I’ll do it – it lowers my stress level.

Try it.  It’s fun.