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I think I am figuring out the alternations thing.  I’ve been losing weight, and yesterday took 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of pants to Nordstrom.  I had been putting it off because a) it wasn’t an issue, and b) Nordstrom had change their alternation policy.

Until January, I would take my alterations in, I would get charged for them and then get an immediate credit.

Starting in January, instead of a credit, I would get an email amount in notes.  However, right now, that was problematic.  I didn’t have at $68.00 I needed for the alterations I had done yesterday. 

I got a letter Thursday that said they had reversed the policy.  And I didn’t necessarily want to spend the $68.00

They told me on the phone they were combining both policies, and I can’t imagine now how that could be true, especially after reading the letter.  I think she meant that if I had had alternations done between January and now, I would get both.  Not in the future.

The website still shows the January policy Sad smile

But looking at the website –> I loved the Holiday Shopping Experience and I love the special events throughout the year.  I’m doing another this week!

My goal though, is to stay at Level 2 <SMILE>