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Need to figure out “Church”

I either need to pick a smaller church, or figure out this church.  I started going to church last week and its one of those hard to figure out.

Long walk from the parking log – then sitting for a long time – then another long walk back to the car.

I like First Baptist Church of Dallas.  My daddy was really happy I ended up here in Dallas, as he listened to the worship services on radio and really enjoyed the church.  So he asked me to come there first.

I enjoyed it until the height of the AIDS crisis.  They didn’t really deal with that well, but now it is a different pastor and a different time. 

Dulce alerted when we got to our pew, so I checked and I was still good, but rapidly dropping.  She doesn’t really like rapid dropping.  I knew that the sitting part would take care of things.

At the end of service she alerted again today, but I knew we probably had time to get to the car.  We would have probably if I hadn’t gotten lost, but I did get help getting me to the car.  Ended up with two glucose tablets.

Eating at Spaghetti Warehouse, so should be good for a few hours.

Nordstrom too expensive?

I’ve invited a few people to come to Nordstrom events to me, and I occasionally get the response: Oh, they are too expensive.

I’ve also seen a friend post on Facebook lately, that she’s been finding holes in her clothing and where can she find better clothing?

I’ve got the answer to both – yeah, Nordstrom. 

First, within the store (and online store, itself), there are different price points.  My favorite pants are NYDJs.  Sejour isn’t as pricy but I will say that the NYDJs fit better.  But, I can also get NYDJ’s at Nordstrom Rack and occasionally at Haute Look.  My hint there:  make sure you know which NYDJs fit best, and look for them at Haute Look events.

I also recommend getting the store card – but every since Target got hit, I really recommend getting store cards.  I get double points every time I spend money – triple points on special days (they just had one) and after 2000 points, I get $20 in notes.  The secret is to put the notes on a gift card.  They don’t expire and spend at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.

Also if you are a real loyal customer, the store will give you a gift card on a random basis.  I’ve gotten 2 $50 cards because I use the personal shopping service – oh, and differently do that.  I also get extra gifts with purchase from the Beauty Spot, besides those that the manufacturer give out with purchase. 

Oh, and their events are to die for.  I took a friend from the gym Saturday, we got there at 7:00 am Sad smile Got lots of samples – free breakfast, and a fun fashion show.  Afterward, all the reps were there and we got pampered by them.  I had two different people in my hair giving me ideas, she got full makeup and we both got free facials from Kate Somerville.  Love Kate’s products and love their free facial.

Today I got an email giving me $25.00 off of Haute Look, sadly didn’t find anything today, but I’ll keep my eye out.  Only thing I don’t like about Haute Look: they don’t take Nordstrom Credit.  They do do Paypal.

If you would like an invite to Haute Look, let me know in the comments, I get $10 credit for each invite.

From "Raising Bo: It's Really Easy to Think You've Broken Your Dog"

Why had Bo started alerting when Austin was 151 and why did he continue to alert every 10 or so minutes until he reached 98? Why didn't Bo just alert when Austin reached 98?


I was freaked out by this behavior the first couple of time it happened with Dulce, but have since learned, the dog is always right -- actually I already knew that from K9 Drug Dog training, but it's been reinforced.

I honestly believe they learn that fast drops are not good.

In the interest of stress reduction

Yeah, I returned that Lenovo.

And have my Sony for sale.  I’ll post the ebay link when it’s up.

I’m working on reducing stress, for example, when traffic is heavy, I’ll “help” 18 wheelers get in the other lane.  It feeds my “helping” impulse, and distracts me from the traffic.  Probably better than my counselor’s suggestion of pulling out a device and playing an audiobook.  Should probably pull over for all that.

For I have a plan for service dog rejection.  If we’re in a low crime area and the police aren’t busy I’ll wait up until 20 minutes – maybe – to let a cop tell you that you are wrong.  At any rate, I’ll smile sweetly at you and probably NOT come back.  I will find a supervisor to tell you that you are wrong, and start shopping somewhere else.  You are NOT the only store in town.

However, for the others – the law says we’re allowed.  I don’t mind a bit of you remove obstacles out of our way so we can accomplish our task quicker.  I don’t mind of you want to visit with her and pet her.  I am flattered if you think “are you training another one”.  It happened to day.  I also don’t mind helping you by making the screaming kid stop – yeah that happens a lot.  I was at a grocery store today and there was a little boy very unhappy who had just been put in a cart.

I smiled at him, pointed at Dulce and said “see the puppy”.  He forgot all about what was making him scream.  Told his mom that we did that all the time (we do).  Win, win for everyone.

And back to my point – if in my stress I can see someone to help, someone to make a bit happier, I’ll do it – it lowers my stress level.

Try it.  It’s fun.


I think I am figuring out the alternations thing.  I’ve been losing weight, and yesterday took 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of pants to Nordstrom.  I had been putting it off because a) it wasn’t an issue, and b) Nordstrom had change their alternation policy.

Until January, I would take my alterations in, I would get charged for them and then get an immediate credit.

Starting in January, instead of a credit, I would get an email amount in notes.  However, right now, that was problematic.  I didn’t have at $68.00 I needed for the alterations I had done yesterday. 

I got a letter Thursday that said they had reversed the policy.  And I didn’t necessarily want to spend the $68.00

They told me on the phone they were combining both policies, and I can’t imagine now how that could be true, especially after reading the letter.  I think she meant that if I had had alternations done between January and now, I would get both.  Not in the future.

The website still shows the January policy Sad smile

But looking at the website –> I loved the Holiday Shopping Experience and I love the special events throughout the year.  I’m doing another this week!

My goal though, is to stay at Level 2 <SMILE>

Service Dog space is full of scams

I’m not saying yet, that the girl in Phoenix was a scam artist, but I lost contact with her once a local media outlet reached us.

So I’m glad people didn’t donate.

However, I will say that I have been I contact with an agility person who was interested in DAD training, she claims to have steroid diabetes, which is a thing, according to the internet, but it sounds like as long as you are on the meds that caused the problem, you won’t be diabetic.  Disclaimer, I’m not medical personal, and got that off the interweb.

I’m suspecting that individual just wants to fly her dog free to competitions. Apparently that’s a problem in that space, as it has been under discussion.

I’ve heard about DADs, not being trained properly – that state of Texas has too.  Both forms of training: symptom detection and behavior.  One sad case, just days after the family got the dog, it ran out of the house and got killed, hit by a car.  A church had done most of the fundraising for the dog and they were devastated.  I’ve worked a lot of those type of behavior issues, and frankly the family probably wasn’t trained properly, but I wasn’t there.

Heck, even my husband and one of my former students are skeptical that Dulce alerts.