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Service Dog Bonus–Diabetes Spanish

Was at the gym today, and the ladies next to me were speaking Spanish.  At one point in their conversation, they were talking about perro pequeño – the good news is that diabetes is the same word in both languages and blood sugar sounds similar – glicemia.

So I can usually tell if they got it right.  By the way, diabetes alert dog in Spanish is: diabetes perro alerta which is also easy to spot in a conversation.

Insomnia Counselor is right

About stress.

Did something stupid yesterday, offered to help someone.

She didn't want the help, probably doesn't need it, and probably pulling a scam.

Won't be doing that again.

I still think Jadzia is real, she came to me through a site and I am genuinely enjoying working with her.


My insomnia counselor wants me to spend some time thinking and writing about independence, since it is a value that is important to me.  Probably the most important. 

Independence is why I have been working on getting a service dog for someone else: – she also has a Facebook page at

I have always tried to keep a certain level of financial independence.   I worked in high school, and had very high paying jobs.  I put myself through college, through scholarships and working in the summer for Kelly Girl (yes back in the day), and did exceptionally well financially.

Every course I took in high school, especially electives were aimed at getting financial independence, and my major was picked partly for that reason.  Plus I really like computers.

I continue to keep my skills honed and ready to go so I can change jobs, locations, etc. whenever I want.  I don’t very often.  Even my career choice is aimed at given me some independence – pension and insurance.

As a teacher I hope to give my students that same guarantee of independence.   I’m constantly telling students where they go to continue learn more and make money, especially the web mastering students, and I am constantly urging them to go to college.  Anyway they can.

One thing I would like to do is give Jadzia some independence.    I haven’t met her, but she’s worked hard.  She graduated from high school and has done work as a model before her health went south.

Service dogs give independence, and I am constantly working towards giving others independence with service dogs.  That’s why I challenge people who restrict access and I teach other people “the rules”, as a Home Depot employee told me today.  I found that very amusing.

Restaurant Follow-up

Though my insomnia counselor thinks I should avoid these confrontations, last week’s incident has gone well for me.

If you remember, I was first seated in a “handicapped” area of the restaurant, and then refused service because I have Dulce with me.  At the time, she was wearing a vest clearly labeled “Service Dog”

The person who asked me to leave demanded that I show proof that she was a service dog (not allowed by ADA and by State Laws).

I contacted the customer service department of Café Brazil and they promised to follow up.  They also sent me a gift card, with an amount on it that the server had never seen before.

I did go to a different restaurant – the server did not acknowledge in any way until I mentioned her.   Exactly what we want people to do.  He did say her he had heard about the incident and was glad that the other restaurant was correct.  He was also blown away on the amount on the card (and the tip I left).

The insomnia counselor thinks this stress is bad for my health and that I should have produced the paper work.  I do have a card that I had made by an online service for something like $5 but I feel funny producing it. 

Losing Weight? Some hints on clothing

This has been working REALLY well for me. 

First, I made a horrible mistake, lost 50 pounds but didn't change how I looked.  I didn't feel like I had lost weight and not one noticed.

I finally went to Nordstrom's and used their personal shopper and bought really cute stuff, like these:

Shop plus sized looks for spring at NORDSTROM. Plus, get free shipping and returns on every order.

Sometimes what I wanted wasn't in the store, but they ship fast.

Then when I lost weight I went to a service like "Clothes Mentor".  They buy really high end, AND plus sizes.   While I might get more money if I went through consignment, this way, I got paid first and fast.  Best yet, they told me how to fix some things so they would sell them and hints for other things, especially shoes.

They pay about 1/9 of the original value BUT I got to wear some really cute stuff for a while, look snazzy and feel good about myself.  How cool is that?


Had a pump encounter yesterday

When I go to the gym, especially, I wear my pump out.  It’s easier to get to and see what is going on.

Afterwards I stopped at Starbucks and the person serving at the drive thru waved his pump at me and said he was jealous because I had to wear his in his pocket.  Also said he lives on borrowed supplies.  <sad>

Managing Meds

Currently, this is how I manage my medications. I am switching to a new way ASAP.


There is also a small box filled with the 90 day bottles, and a refrigator drawer filled with insulin.

Each Saturday, I refill the empty vials, reorganize them, and make sure I have enough meds for after two weeks.  Sometimes I screw up.  I've ended up with meds I didn't need, and I've ended up running out too soon.

These little vials don't travel well.

Also, if you have read my blog at all, you will find I that absolutely despise Express Scripts since they were sold.  If they went out of business I would be happy and satisfied if I never have to speak to anyone on their staff or their computers again. 

My new solution is supposed to solve that.


Service Dog Kudos - @Cafe_Brazil_DFW

Some will recall that on Tuesday, I was denied service at the Café Brazil location in University Park on Central Expressway.

They reached out today and promised to fix the issue (of course, I'm trying again next Tuesday and will have their email with me). The letter was very gracious. I even went to their Carrollton location yesterday and they didn't bat an eye at Dulce. I spoke to the person managing the store afterwards and told her the story. She wasn't surprised, but was dismayed and said, "Yes, they were wrong".

My agility instructor wondered why I went to the Carrollton location but I was craving their pancrepes (she agreed they were awesome, she eats them in a slightly different way), and I also didn't want to trash an entire restaurant chain for one person's actions.

Some advice: It always pays to act in a reasonable adult manner when you have a service dog issue. Sometimes it is hard, but you will win in the end (do you really want to do business with people who act that way). With any business reaching out to the manager is a good idea. I've had it pay off in the past. If the store manager won't help, go over his head. Especially with chains. A good chain, be it a restaurant or any other business, doesn't not want one person hurting the entire business and they will fix it.

Lane Bryant is fixed, after I had an issue over a year ago. I still don't buy clothing there, but at least they didn't bother us either way this time. I don't know about Anna's Linens, but since my husband works for Tuesday Morning and Big Lots is cheaper and closer, I haven't bothered. I might though, just for the other service dog people (I did call the National Office and complain).

Another thing for businesses to remember: You do me and the dog right – we'll be loyal customers. Ask Nordstrom.

From: My crazy life with my diabetic service dog.

I really wish people would just leave your pets at home. Even though they may be well behaved they have not been trained how to handle situations such as a grocery store or a mall for example.


I agree, I am sure one of the reasons I was refused service yesterday was some idiot pet dog.

Now since Dulce is self trained, and because the average grocery is filthy, grocery stores are a challenge. When I am stocking up, I leave her at home, but do take her in when we are doing a quick pickup on the way from other errands.

I do keep an eye on her head, since it is close to the ground.

But please, don't try to pose as a service dog. There was an emotional alert dog at Nordstrom's the other day, and they need to stay home too. Emotional support dogs are not service dogs and general don't have the training.

They are not covered by the ADA, but are covered in housing and by travel carriers.