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Summary of the @ExpressScripts Debacle

Recovery - Day 1 - I hope

Took awhile but I finally got to sleep.  We'll know better when I see a sleep doctor. 

Woke up at 5:30 and started dumping.  It's a bariatric thing.  Not sure when it will settle down.  Plan is to go to the gym and work out. 

Went through school email and forward some things to my department chair that effect students.

Recovery: I'm hoping.  I spent the afternoon at my couselor's and primary care physician trying to come up with a plan.  I'm very sick -- and I'm realizing the not sleeping thing is as bad as the diabetes.

Today's plan is see the sleep doctor.

Good news: second set of blood pressure medication arrived.

During winter break I'd taken a rest from Express Scrips, prescription drugs and the whole mess after my endo and I had figured out our plan. 

I have lovely system to manage my medication.  I have individual pill containers from container store, nicely labeled, that screw together and stack.  I have a two week supply and each week I fill up a week and when I see that I am going to run out of a medication I refill it. 

I find using Medco/Express scripts system means I end up with too much medication -- especially since we've had to redue dosages as I lose weight.  Especially blood pressure medicaiton.

I skipped a week, the wrong week and ran out of blood pressure medication.  I ordered the one I was closest one AND needed doctor approval.  Got that right away, it arrived Saturday and then the landlord replaced the door on my mailbox office and no one could get to the mailbox <sigh>  The mailbox owner got into the box on Sunday -- which is fine since I had medication until Sunday.  Won't be doing that again (skipping a week of managing meds).