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Goal Achieved

OMG My Phone - Backup Plans

Kerri blogs about losing her phone at OMG My Phone

I've left my phone behind enough, and not had a charge enough that I have a ton of back up plans.  Do bad I don't have an affliate relationship, but I always carry a second tablet and a hot spot.  I've been caught in enough places without WIFI too, so I like mine own.

I've got Skype set up the tablets I can (yes, I have an Ipod Touch, a Google Nexus, an Amazon Fire AND a Surface but I don't always go out with all of them).  Of course, I also have my ham radio license and a rig in the truck.

I also have Skype set up in my classroom.  However, then its usually easiest to be old fashioned and send a kid.  Since we're not supposed to use our phones during class periods, its ingrained on me to use sneaker network rather than anything higher tech. 

So Kerri - find a backup solution.  Yeah, I was even carrying two phones for a while, just in case.