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New @MDT_Diabetes pump is coming!

My new Medtronics pump is coming – the artificial pancreatis version (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek).

I am doing as a former student suggested and going with purple.  I’ve tried non-black once – an Animas pump, and ended up going right back to black as soon it was recalled. 

Sensors are on the way back, waiting for package notices, and watching tracking.

I will say that Medtronics shipping service rocks.

Love Nordstrom's Active Wear!

Yes, this is an ad.  Click here and order stuff.  I need some extra income.

 NORDSTROM - Shop Activewear for the New Year

Seriously, my whole gym experience changed when I changed the way I dressed. First, one of the personal trainers at LA Fitness started being the exercise wear Nazi. Now I was wearing my big skirts with my big tshirts and hoping no one noticed me.  So I was hoping no one would get on me for what I was wearing.

Seriously who was I kidding, I had a very cute beagle with me -- and she likes to flirt with men.  Now I wear either the Zella Move Capri's and a Zella top, or a Zella top with loose pants I got at the Nordstrom Rack.  I perfer the Zella, and I love their jackets.

Unfortunately someone ate a hole in a pocket because her mother left the jacket where she could get to it, and it was NOT Dulce.

Anyway, I am enjoying my workouts more with nice clothing.  Give it a try.

OMG My Phone - Backup Plans

Kerri blogs about losing her phone at OMG My Phone

I've left my phone behind enough, and not had a charge enough that I have a ton of back up plans.  Do bad I don't have an affliate relationship, but I always carry a second tablet and a hot spot.  I've been caught in enough places without WIFI too, so I like mine own.

I've got Skype set up the tablets I can (yes, I have an Ipod Touch, a Google Nexus, an Amazon Fire AND a Surface but I don't always go out with all of them).  Of course, I also have my ham radio license and a rig in the truck.

I also have Skype set up in my classroom.  However, then its usually easiest to be old fashioned and send a kid.  Since we're not supposed to use our phones during class periods, its ingrained on me to use sneaker network rather than anything higher tech. 

So Kerri - find a backup solution.  Yeah, I was even carrying two phones for a while, just in case.



I don't get to keep my insurance - comparing the new plan vs. the one I lost

We were notified in September that there was no longer an Active Care 3. 

I currently pay $496 a month, my employer pays $300. 

I will pay $329 this year, but it's gone up every year.  I think I had the better deal.  I will definately be more out of pocket.

My deductible was $300, now it is $1000
My out of pocket max was $1000, now it is $4000
Co insurance is still 80%/20%
Preventative Care is still 100%
Radiology is the same.
Inpatient Hospital is the same
Emerency room is the same
Output surgery is the same
Prescription drug deductible was $75 and now $200
Prescription drugs are higher retail, same mail order


Been to the Sleep Doctor

The machine is working.  The restless leg medication is working (when I let).

We are switching masks.  We are going to treat me for insomnia.  Waiting for those appointments.

Sleep was better, weight is better. 

Working on it all.  Talking to a friend has also helped.  She put things in prespective.