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New Year’s Eve Plans

We have a new gym opening tonight, near our old house (only 1 mile away) so I stopped by this afternoon, signed up and am ready to go. It's a Planet Fitness and looks really good. I know my old membership is good for at least this summer and can't end it. It has a lot of things the new gym doesn't, pool and sauna, neither of which I have figured out with the dog.

Besides if one is too busy, the other one won't be.

The biggest advantage is the hours, Planet Fitness is 24 hours and LA Fitness has never restricted hours. There are a lot of weekends where I would have done an early or late workout and couldn't have.

Will be wearing a Zella outfit for sure.

Men's Sale at Nordstrom is happening

If the Men's Sale is as awesome as the Women's.  Check the online sale out:

Shop the Half-Yearly Sale for Men at NORDSTROM. Plus, get free shipping and free returns on every order.

Better yet, women's coats are on sale.  I got one last year and another this year that I absolutely love.  

Shop NORDSTROM for women's coats under $200. Plus, get free shipping and returns on every order.

Experimenting with Nordstrom Links

A little over a year ago, I started shopping at Nordstrom. Just recently I realized I could make my website an affiliate, so today, I'm trying some things out with it.

Here's the first link:

Here's why I love Nordstrom, while they have a reputation for being expensive and can be, they do have things at lower price points and have good sales.  They also include free normal tailoring and if you get one of their cards and join their points system you can get most other tailoring paid for.  Very rare in women's wear.

They also have stores called Nordstrom Rack.  Same type of employees, many of the same clothing at a much lower price point.

Both stores have personal shopping.  I haven't tried the Rack yet.  Personal shopping at Nordstrom itself rocks.  You contact your shopper ahead of time, they pull what you want, and the dressing room is already filled with items that should fit the bill.  If not, they will pull more stuff.  It's great for me, because I'm never sure what size I wear, so I have her pull both.

Oh, and shopping online is easy -- free returns and free shipping.  I bought some shoes recently and they were two sizes to small.  No problem, popped them back in the box, called and reordered the shoes, and had the right size in days.  I've returned twice now via mail and it was really easy.  I have also taking mail order items to the store with no problem, AND have have items I ordered via mail ordered tailored with no issues.

I've also foud items in the store that I wanted, but that they didn't have in the store in my size and they ordered.

Right now, they are having a big men's sale: 

Shop the NORDSTROM Men's Shop. Plus, get free shipping and free returns on every order.



So apparently I am no longer having allergic reactions to Humalog.  That was over 10 years ago and it was a process of elimination.

Yesterday I had a pretty carb heavy lunch, dosed with 8 units of insulin with no ill effects, so loaded up a cartridge with Humalog.  Have worn it since around 1:00 pm with no itching.  I’ll finish the vial to make sure.

Doctor did say that the Omnipod users were seeing some clumping in the summer with Humalog, but he didn’t realize that Novolog was more temperature tolerate – I do know you store it at a higher room temperature. 

So in a way, Express Scripts wins.  The plan is to switch to Humalog when I run out of Novolog – may save a vial or two for the summer.

As for Bayer Contour Next strips – Medtronics gets the insurance money through my durable equipment rather than going through the pharmacy.

Good Endo visit

We switched drugs. I had been taking Riomet, and it is freaking inconvenient so taking Invokana.

He verified we were concerned with trends and not numbers. 

Trying humalog to make sure I am allergic or not to it.

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Why numbers don’t matter

I came home from the gym today and made the mistake of testing my blood sugar in front of my mother and sister. It was 156 which was pretty good considering:

  • I treated a low with orange juice
  • I drank a mocha to work out with and didn't dose with insulin

Almost simultaneously my mother said that was high for her with a bit of ego, and my sister asked me what that meant.

Of course, neither one was ready to hear the answer which was:

It depends on what I'm doing for the next for four hours.

If I were going to watch TV, work on the computer, or do other normal Sunday stuff, I would correct and go on. But we were originally planning to go to a museum which would have meant some walking around, so I would have eaten some lunch and go on.

As it was, I ended up doing some last minute Christmas shopping so I had a bowl of soup and a assorted cheese appetizer at the Nordstrom Café.

Dulce wouldn’t let me go to gym today

I should have realized something was wrong when I couldn't process what my sister wanted, but we all have those moments. I am learning though, when Dulce won't load up, don't try to drive the car.

I brought her back in, drank some orange juice, processed it and she loaded up fine 30 minutes later, watching me carefully the whole time.

Good beagle!

Sleep much better

Had a decent night sleep. Maybe the wine, maybe because I wasn't feeling gastric reflux, but probably because the power was back on, and I have everything done I can do between now and the end of the school year. Will be tweaking the class website and getting ready for my TCEA presentation in February.

Another problem with the power outage was all the little worries – is this hurting the furnace, should I turn off the sprinklers even though they have a ice guard, I did. And will the sprinkler pipes freeze. Will the house pipe freeze.

All the little stuff.

And Larry Mowry our local weather man let me know why I hated my first apartment so – we had the longest freeze in record my first December here. I thought it was the apartment, no clue it was the weather. And this place is cold too, especially downstairs, but it is so nice in the summer.

Service Dog Brag – She Ignores people

She has learned an excellent Service Dog Behavior – she will not go up to someone until I say "Say Hello". It's not something I've explicitly taught her but something that has come from our public education. While I don't think people petting her in public will bother her—she choose the service dog role, and if she decided she didn't want to do it one day, I would accept it.

I had the proof this evening at the Nordstrom holiday party – and she'll snarf up any food she finds on the floor but people usually excuse that. I'm working on trash can behavior, but she just can't resist one—especially filled with popcorn, which all the ones at Nordstrom was.

I do like the fact that I can choose that. I don't think that having children hang on is a good idea. She's only 15 pounds and while beagles are quite sturdy, life is hard enough on a working dog. Also, it's against our district rules for her to interact with students and I also think if she did interact with our students, it would wear her out.

She does also serve as a therapy dog to the adults on campus who need one. Especially on staff development days.