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I get to keep my insurance if I liked it….. NOT

Those who read me regularly will know that Medco was bought out by Express Scripts and as of January 1, they won't be paying for Novolog any more. What really bothers me, is that they get to change the rules on January 1st, but I don't.

I have talked to two Express Scripts customer reps who claim that "Humalog" is a "safe and effective" replacement and that there is no override and that Novolog was no longer covered. Duh, if you are allergic?

Finally talked with a supervisor this evening who said there was. Wrote my doctor an email to get that in process.

Oh, and the plan I have had for years – TRS Active Care 3 is going away in August.

Yeah, I am keeping my insurance.

Early morning low

Dulce had me up around 2:00 with a blood sugar of 65.  I suspect she tried to wake me up earlier and I couldn't wake up and the husband didn't hear her in his room.

Fortunately had really old nasty glucose tablets and swallowed down a slew.  Blasted things had only 5 crabs a piece in them, what good is that.

Woke up at 120, so all is good.  Have n idea why, CGMS shows a massive drop which I also slept through.

Express scripts - Getting Answers

I got no satisfactory answers talking to or email with Express Scripts when discussing the formulary issue.

Our insurance is administered by TRS and I talked with them today. I was told that Express has changed who does the mail order pharmacy, thus the formulary change.

She also said that I still have the option of getting the 90 day prescription filled at the local pharmacy and that they will probably have to go through an override process.

Also said that I should go the DME route on the test strips or go to the local pharmacy on those.

I am trying to not think about it again until January.

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Level had a really good promotion so I bought a sample set of it.

Bars: really like the taste and good chew.  That's what I need.

Shakes: Don't satisfy my need to chew.  Taste good.  Stay with me.

Gels:  I like, they work.

Wearing Fitbit finally and fun birthday news

I've had the Fitbit on all week so far—not sure why I keep forgetting it all last week.

I do want to start upping both my steps and my activity level.

On another front, my sister and mom are coming to Dallas for our birthday. I've gotten a special benefit from Nordstrom's that I am sharing with my sister, and am seeing if I can add some paid services for my mom.

Access Issues

It worked out in the end but I had more access issues yesterday than I have had in ages.

First, my district has found a new way to torture teachers, lock us in a room and show us the district final – 15 seconds per question and then don't let us talk about it. Oh, and we could only bring in our school ID and our car keys.

We had to preregister, and yesterday morning I went and found the people in charge and told them the dog was coming. They didn't tell their door keeper.

Second, since I was going to this little exercise at 6:00 I didn't want to go home first, so I went to a gym on the way, a different LA Fitness. Her presence made THEIR heads explore and they couldn't figure out what to do but didn't want to let us in. The operations manager, a nice lady, finally called a boss and got person. I have tweeted LA Fitness to remind their personnel to allow access to service dogs.

That's happened once my own club, I think I ended up leaving her in the car and then not working out in the mornings to avoid that idiot. That idiot has since learned to leave us alone.

Dulce was a rock star again. Not making a peep during the first test, my CGMS was beeping between tests, and they brought me some left over Halloween candy. I ended up at 110 at the end of the exercise. She did fuss at the end of the second test.

Love Fitbit

I have two of their devices – a Fitbit and an Aria scale.

And while I have to use an exercise bike rather than walking and running because of my knees.

The Fitbit is a pedometer that clips to your clothing. I have the Fitbit One, and had the Ultra before that. The biggest problem with those devices is that they are easily lost and they are easily washed in the washing machine. They also DO wear out. However, the company is good at replacing the ones that wear out.

The website itself is great and hooks do many other weight loss websites. I use MyFitness Pal because it has an extensive food database with carb counts. Yes, I live by the carb as do most insulin dependent diabetes.

The Fitbit syncs automatically as long as it when about 12 feet of a dongle. It doesn't have to be YOUR dongle, so occasionally you'll find that your Fitbit sync when you didn't realize it was going to. This isn't a bad thing.

It does sync with some Bluetooth devices without their dongle. I don't own any of those.

The Aria scale is cool too. It's WIFI. It keeps track of up to 6 people I believe. It syncs automatically when you weigh. It also syncs to MyFitness and other weight loss sites.

All really cool technologies.

Dulce was a Rock Star Yesterday at #TCEA1011

I went to a regional staff development and Dulce was an absolute rock star.

First, the people who organized the conference were stellar. I presented and I could have walked in with a purse and presented – I had my presentation on Skydrive. Of course, I also had it on my surface and a laptop and had them with me. And a thumbdrive.

I presented off the Skydrive and tweeted the presentation later.

This is the longest day that Dulce had out of a cage. At school she hangs out in a cage while I am working. When we do staff development I usually take in a smaller cage.

However, this staff development was shorter sessions, and we were traveling around quite a bit, so I took just one bag with me – an awesome bag I picked up at the Microsoft Store in Austin which holds a bunch of stuff, is light weight itself, and isn't bulky packed.

Here it is from Amazon with the affiliate stuff:

I did fine blood sugar wise and she enjoyed the attention.  I know at least one picture was posted to twitter.

She was tired, but ready to go to the gym when we got home.  She sacked out the rest of the day.

We did have one little problem.  We went a little too far, and she ended up using her mat for the bathroom.  Was fine with me.  It washes easily and it didn't go through to the floor at all.  She was a bit upset about that, but it was at the end of the day and I keep a few in the car, so I could have easily swapped it out.  The bad part was that she didn't tell me she needed to go out.


To @ExpressScripts about Formularies

I understand that you are trying to cut costs with your new formulary, but I think you are under the impression that doctors pick medications purely because they are new, different, like the advertising or the drug rep.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

I'm on Novolog. I've tried Apidra. I was on Humalog for three years. First insulin I tried. I never mentioned the itching sensation when I injected because I didn't realize it was abnormal.

Then they put me on an insulin pump because I was having real problems controlling my blood sugar. While I have really good control with the pump, I can't help but wonder if the insulin allergy is part of the original control issues, but I digress.

We spent three months switching adhesives, and doing all kinds of gyrations trying to figure out why I was having allergic reactions to my insulin sites. It would start out mild, and would get progressively worse as the time went on with that site.

Doctor handed me a vial of Novolog and had me change out everything. Itching installing went away. I have even injected Symlin with that slight stinging sensation (yeah, made by Lilly and bet it's that same ingredient). Probably get it with some other injectable medications too.

I have issues with other items that I have injected – Dexcom sensors for example.

However, you can't pay me enough money to put another Lily product in a needle and inject it.

I don't see Lilly fixing the problem – I'm in that 1% population.

But people – that's why there are other formulas. Thankfully there are other formulas.

@Expressscripts quit playing with my medications.