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DAD Misconceptions
Need to be on track

The most insulting thing that someone has said to me since using a service dog

"I should get put a vest on my dog and train them."

This has been said to me about three times. Once at a rest stop, twice by another teacher on another campus, and once today. It usually makes me want to slap them because I know they don't have the training chops.

I've trained and handled the number one obedience beagle. I've trained two dogs who went into service as police dogs and I have trained several police officers to train their dogs.

And as my husband says, they get to have the chronic, life threatening illness too.

Yes, she makes mistakes. She jumped on a caterer's waiter tonight, which he was gracious about and she got corrected for. Thankfully she weighs all of 15 pounds. She also peeked under a dressing room – I usually get a handicapped one but they were busy today – all the handicapped parking spaces were actually taken. She also missed the opportunity to earn a people treat.